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Apuseni Mountains

Eco Tourism

Our cycling tours are designed to ensure minimum impact on the environment by encouraging visitors to do more biking and less driving, often encouraging them to cycle more at home too.

Supporting the local economy

We work with locally owned accommodations and suppliers and encourage our clients to visit smaller, often family-run businesses to enhance their experience by truly seeing the destination as the locals will see it. Our tours promote destinations off the beaten track, visiting smaller, local communities and supporting local businesses.

We recommend that our clients learn a few words in the local language to encourage more interaction with locals and deliver a more authentic experience.

When we’re creating new itineraries and supporting new destinations, we try to ensure travelers always enjoy the local area and natural environment, meeting locals and supporting the economy directly.

Minimizing your carbon footprint


A cycling holiday really is one of the most environmentally-friendly holidays you can consider.
If you choose to arrive by car we suggest grouping together as much as possible to minimize the carbon footprint. As for our side of the transfer, we'll always try to organise the transportation as efficient non-invasive as possible.


Responsible travel

Choosing to travel by train can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 90% in comparison to flying.
We are committed to encouraging responsible travel in the hope to make exploring the world sustainable in the long term. If you choose to travel by train our meeting point will be at Arad international rail station a remarkable architectural monument from the Austro-Hungarian period.

Some of our responsible traveler tips

Refill your water bottles from natural mountain springs, perfectly safe and unspoiled, try and reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles

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