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Why tour with us

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Certified tourist guides speaking English, German, Hungarian and Italian

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Certified "sommelier" member of the "European School for Sommeliers"


Over 20 years of mountain experience

Old romanian hut

Our Values

Non-invasive and sustainable eco-tourism-value to community


Our accommodations are, as much as possible, directly in the houses of the locals, the interaction with them being a direct one. Our goal is to sustain traditional living and contribute to the perpetuation of these remote communities. The only things we take along from our trips are the memories.

Authenticity - be part of our enthusiasm for discovery


We would like to share with you authentic, rustic locations for spending the night and sharing food with our hosts. That means sometimes the lack of the comfort of the mainstream tourist accommodations but compensates with an intimate insight in rural architecture and traditional way of life. Our clients tend to present a certain exigency but also availability for the effort necessary to discover the authentic.

Eat like the locals


You are invited to share the meals traditionally cooked by our hosts by recipes generations old.

Small group experience


Being a small business built on tailor-made experiences, we believe that small group experiences can provide the intimacy needed to share our personal experiences with you.

Balanced pricing


Our prices reflect the constraints of organizing events in places away from mass tourism. Of course, most of the income goes directly to our hosts, thus ensuring the continuity of the challenging mountain life.

Romanian wine tasting and cuisine

Romanian wine tastings and cuisine

We like ending our active touring days by having a relaxed discussion in the company of a glass of wine, discussing the past day and discovering the content of the glass and the story behind it.


In our opinion, Romanian wines are a hidden gem, a pleasant surprise for both wine lovers and curious spirits.

Daniel, a member of the "European School for Sommelier" is eager to present a selection of typical Romanian wine varieties accompanied by local cheeses or charcuterie.

The tastings are usually custom made and need time for preparation, so we kindly ask you to discuss it in advance, during the booking.

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