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Cycling in Romania

Our story

We are a group of mountain lovers with 20 years of passion for the mountains and non-invasive ecotourism. Our trips have taken us to several continents and developed our interest in communities living in the isolated conditions of the mountains.


This website is a natural extension of our passion to share it sustainably. Our philosophy is to interact and sustain the natural and anthropic landscape without leaving any trace on it.


Residents of the Banat region with Transylvanian origins, we are passionate about the anthropic landscape generated in the mountain areas by the collocation of the locals with settlers who came during almost 1000 years of colonization waves. Thus, our tours are based on sharing the experience of isolated locations with direct interaction of the inhabitants.


Daniel Foale


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Daniel initiated a "Carpathian Cyclist" with his wife Marcela and old friend Cosmin.  He is an all-mountain enthusiast whether we speak about biking, hiking or discovering the history of the alpine culture.

He also is a passionate promoter of Romanian wine culture investing a lot of effort in the discovery of local wine culture. Coming from an international engineering background, his positive attitude and knowledge of several foreign languages facilitates the natural cohesion with the groups.

Ciclying in Romania
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